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Video Killed The Radio Star

A few years ago, I had the chance to see Fool's Garden play an acoustic show at an Irish pub in Freiburg, Germany. Sadly, most of you who read this post have probably never heard of the band. Others might only know them for their hit song, Lemon Tree. You are all missing out. It was a great show, and only made me appreciate their music more.

Well, they have a greatest hits album coming out in a few weeks. They have also recently released a new song, complete with a video to boot. The cool thing is that they have made it fan friendly, allowing their fans to be a part of the video.

Take a look at the video, and see what I mean. Although, you might hope that some technology comes along and helps kill the video star (at least one of them) in the future.

If you want, you can even upload your own photo into the video.

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Morning Has Broken

The theme this week at PhotoFriday is Morning Routine. Sadly in my current employment status, I do not have any great morning routine, or at least one that would be worthy of a photo. So I give you a photo of one of my favorite statues. And really, don't most of us enjoy a little toilet reading in the morning?

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For I Haven't Got A Clue

A couple days ago, my brother sent me a link to a YouTube video. He just mentioned it hinted that it was Lionel Richie, but said nothing more. Immediately, I skipped on to my next email not wanting to bother with the link. During some spare time today, I decided to click the link so I could at least delete the email. What I discovered was a clip from one of my favorite foreign television shows. No, it wasn't from "Talk with the Beauties," one of favorite Korean shows. It was "Wetten Das?" my favorite show from my time in Germany. I loved the mix of celebrity interviews, stupid stunts, and musical performances. This clip mixes all three of those elements together for something I could watch over and over. Enjoy.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:27
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We Can Go Where We Want To

It has been great to be back in Europe again. It is great to be able to wander around Dublin or Basel without a map. It has also been fun to have people give reference points like statues to meet up at, and know exactly where they are talking about. I even had one friend give me the wrong address for the Indian diner, but I knew exactly where he meant. I have been asked by several people for directions, and have been able to point them in the right direction. The oddest request was a man who asked me how to get to Trinity College about a fifty yards from the entrance to the college. I pointed to the building right across the street, and laughed as he walked off.

Besides knowing my way around, I also feel at home with the German radio stations. It appears they have not changed their song lists since the day I left. I have actually heard "Anything For Love" by Meatloaf twice in the last two days of driving around the Black Forest. And when Men Without Hats told me, "I could leave my friends behind," I almost had to pull over to do the "Safety Dance." Makes me wonder why I even left this audio wonderland.

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Posted by Ryan at 13:04
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Just A Little Bit Dangerous

This week "dangerous" is the theme at PhotoFriday. I loved when the frog signs and fences would pop up in Germany. The fact that you have to drop your speed almost fifty percent shows that danger those frogs can bring.

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Give The Past The Slip

I have become addicted to Flickr and Youtube lately. There is something about tossing a bunch of photos and videos online that is appealing to the nerd in me. The last couple days I have been going through some old folders looking for cool stuff to toss up. In that process I came across this video. It is from the Freiburg Christmas Market from a few years back. I was filming a parade when all of sudden it stopped. Trapped against a wall, I could only film this guy and his whip. I was to oblivious to how close I was to some severe pain from that whip.

Currently listening to: Devo - "Whip It"

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Through The Streets Of Europe

A couple weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to return to Europe for ten days. I went with the purpose of attending a conference for Christian educators and boarding staff. Fortunately my spring break lined up so I could get there early enough so I could get all my enjoyment out of the way before the meetings and sessions started. It was great to be able to walk along many of the paths I once wandered during my seven years there. It felt good to be able to still know my way around places like Annecy, Freiburg, or Laussane. Plus it was nice to be able to blend into the local population for a change. Heck, I even managed to get by with my limited German from time to time.
But the best part of the trip was the people. Sitting in one of my favorite churches listening to a great man of God preach. Being able to spend some time in the homes of some great friends. Sharing several meals with former coworkers. Listening to the plans and dreams of friends. While I know God has brought me to Korea at this point, I was glad he gave me an opportunity to return to reconnect.
One thing I heard at the conference was that there really are no coincidences, that God has a plan and order for all aspects of our lives. I saw this several times on the trip. For example, one day I decided to kill some time by heading into Lörrach for the afternoon. While wandering the streets, I bumped into some old friends I had hoped I would get the chance to see, but knew probably wouldn't. A few days while I took a break during some of the sessions, I walked into Lidl. Again, I bumped into some old friends who just the night before I was asking if they were around. I have had way too many things like this happen to just chalk it up to coincidence.

And I think it is those random events which are making it hard for me to fully plan my summer travels. Sometimes I hate having things set in stone. But if any of you are in America, especially between LA and Chicago and would be interested in a visit, drop me a comment, and perhaps you can help motive me to plan my trip.

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I Love European radio

Yesterday while I was driving around I not only heard several classic 80's songs along with the hits of today, but they played the extended mix of the Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats. Yes, the extended mix. Find me a station in America that will play that along with current hits.

And after five years of searching the radio dial for something to go along with my driving, I found a Christian radio station out of France. It actually caught me off guard, as I was kind of praying about some stuff as I drove, and jokingly said, I'll just wait for a sign from you God from the radio, as I flipped the dial. Then as it scanned the dial, the next thing I heard was Rich Mullin's song, "Hold Me Jesus." I basically laughed the rest of the way home. It actually is a really good station, the only downside is a few of the songs are in French, oh, and they play way too much Bryan Duncan. But that is just my opinion.

Currently listening to: Sixpence Non The Richer - Don't Dream It's Over (actually being played on the above mentioned station.)

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