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Here In The Light

This week's poem is more for the fine folks who read my xanga site. I am taking a break there. Might take a break here too, but not sure yet. If you want me to stick around, leave me some comment love. Now on to this post's feature presentation...

Every week these stupid poems I would write
A couple even had things hidden from sight
And some I had to revise just to be polite
Sometimes my brain and heart would fight
As I would give glimpses into my plight.
I hope they brought some form of delight,
Yet I ask have these entries become trite?
Taking a break at this point just feels right
Perhaps someday I return to post on this site
Until then, I bid my friends a very good night.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:36
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It Only Takes A Spark

Give me a minute to listen to me - I said hark!
At the end of this poem please leave a remark.
I prefer milk chocolate over any that is dark,
Not that I dislike the candy bar called Clark.
Traveling in Turkey I did not see Noah's ark.
Hopefully soon I will get to swim with a shark.
In London I stayed the night in Saint James Park.
Sometimes in Germany I would cook with quark.
Coming Thursday - four hundred what will I mark?

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Posted by Ryan at 09:21
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Carry Your Own Weight

So this one comes just a little late
I hope that doesn't make you irate
But some poems take longer to create.
In Spanish class I hated to conjugate,
I think to this many of you can relate.
Today I taught a student not to hate
As it just isn't a wanted character trait.
When I was younger I took my date
To the roller rink where we did skate.
I've got a story about a shipping crate,
But unfortunately that will have to wait.
The start of this school year was great.

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Posted by Ryan at 10:42
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Takes More Than Combat Gear

It was a great trip around this big blue sphere
At times I felt like I was living in the wild frontier.
In a meseum in Siberia we saw a musk deer.
Some girls on the train had way too much beer,
But at least they didn't drink with the engineer.
I'll admit a couple times on the trip I had some fear
Like once when my mind told me my end was near,
But it didn't happen, as you can see that I am here.
I am back to work as the school begins another year
Which from some students will not cause a cheer.
I think a friend of mine has one really cool career
He just won a major award for making things disappear.
Here is a video of two guys hacking with Lenin in the rear....

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Posted by Ryan at 06:05
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Waiting In Istanbul

This goes out to my great Istanbul guide
Your phone number I lost I must confide
Several times to find it I have anxiously tried
I have searched my back pack on the inside
At one point I almost sat down and cried.
(Well not really, in that last line I just lied.)
I have a ticket for a trans-Turkey bus ride.
At ten a.m. it will arrive, if it does not collide
Then to Carrefour by the ferries I did decide
Where around eleven we can meet outside.
Then I will buy the pistachios that they provide
Perhaps buying until my credit card is denied.

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Posted by Ryan at 09:03
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I Walk The Line

When the tempterature hits near ninety nine
And you sort of wish the sun did not shine,
There is one thing to do that feels so fine.
That is to float along the river named the Rhein.
Tonight on a balcony in Basel is where I did dine,
A pleasant meal accompanied with some wine,
And you know that I really could not decline
For even Jesus enjoyed the fruits of the vine.
I still ponder about seeing a Mongolian shrine.
At the butchershop I worked I would pump brine
Into turkey breasts and the hocks from the swine.
Sometimes sorting out life can be hard to define
In the end I am just looking for a simple sign.

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Posted by Ryan at 16:32
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Where I've Been Or What I Won

The great big train adventure is finally done
And we sure had more than our share of fun
Like riding camels under the Monglolian sun.
It is a shame I didn't get a photo with a nun.
Now the solo part of my trip has just begun
As I hang in Basel, where I once did run.


Posted by Ryan at 09:15
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Of Bricks And Morter And Lime

It is once again that time
Where I create a stupid rhyme
That wouldn't be worth a dime.
I hate to admit I once was a mime.
Today's poem is far from prime.
Venkman was covered in slime.
Chagall's self portrait is sublime.

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Posted by Ryan at 21:27
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Devotion And Some Appreciation

Last Friday several of my students had their graduation
And it was a time for offering words of congratulation
As they finished up this portion of their education.
We stayed up late at the coffee shop for a celebration,
Then a few hours later I was standing at the bus station
Barely awake enough to make any logical converstation.
Today I didn't feel good and debated some medication,
But figured it might just be from sleep deprivation.
Soon some friends and I are going on a crazy vacation
Where we will travel several modes of transportation.
We will be taking a train across the largest nation
And riding some animals that eat various vegetation.
In the end we are going for the trip, not the destination.
I still haven't figured out my self portrait fascination.

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Posted by Ryan at 02:58
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My Mind Says Prepare

Sometimes life does not appear to be fair
You've been hit with news that brings despair.
While I know you have been tempted to swear
You have handled it all with a sense of flair.
A smile remains even with all that you bear.
The joy of the Lord you continue to declare
And the love of Christ you boldly do share.
While I wish I could be with you there,
Know that I am here with a heartfelt prayer.

Adding these last two lines to this poem is to err,
But here is a self portrait by a guy named Pierre.

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Posted by Ryan at 09:32
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The Dream Police

The number of Cordells in the world just did increase
As the other night it was reported I have a new neice.
I once totalled my Mazda on a weekend road trip to Nice.
When it hit the guardrail it didn't remain in one piece
And all over the road it spewed lots of oil and grease.
Guess it wasn't as sturdy as my college car, the Caprice.
Have I told you how I stepped on a kid in Athens, Greece?
Here is a self portrait of Alex Toth who is now decease.
With Hanna Barbara, many great comics he did release.

Wish I could go watch:

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Posted by Ryan at 22:38
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Proceed With Caution, I'm Like A Blaze

Usually ending the poems on these rhyming days,
This self portrait thing could just be a phase
But for now here is one by Ricky Gervais.
America's nineteenth president was Rutherford Hayes
About whom have been written many college essays
Perhaps some that might debate if he ever grew maize.
Originally a line from golf, "play it as it lays"
Has now become one of many over used cliches.
One fact about my life that to some might amaze
Is that in high school I acted in two different plays.
The Lord said to give careful thought to your ways
Remember he is great and is worthy of all praise
For he has enabled us to serve him all our days.

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Posted by Ryan at 07:04
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Till I Go The Distance

Sometimes in this life we need more Godly persistence
As it will help make this more than a vain subsistence
And give purpose to this ever challenging existence.
Remember that when in this life you face resistance
Or feel ever beaten down by the world's insistence,
That is not a sign of weakness to ask for assistance
To help you carry on this path and go the distance.

This was such a good poem, I didn't want to break any consistence
But I got traditions to keep, so is this Rockwell's piece de resistance?

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Posted by Ryan at 10:41
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I Grieve In My Condition

It is now time for another week's ryhming submission
Which are just as difficult to produce as cold fission.
I don't know if I write these due to some ambition
Or if it has just because it has become a tradition.
It sure isn't to gain any local or global recognition.
One of my good friends is a professional magician
And I'd promote his book without any commission.
The local museum has Rouault's art work on exhibition.
Speaking of art, here is a self portrait done by Titian.
That is two artists' work to end this day's transmission.

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Posted by Ryan at 06:40
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Eyes Open Wide

The paper warned all the people to stay inside
From the invading yellow dust it said to hide.
But that did not stop me from a nice bike ride
To my new coffee shop over on the west side.
I once had crashed while attempting to hang glide.
Some folk into last weeks poem's meaning pried
They thought they knew exactly what the words implied
Which is funny, as its meaning I'm still trying to decide.
The gelato place only has five flavors I have not tried.
Mr. Wilder said nothing was going to break his stride
About the same time U2 had a hit song with Pride.
The other day two cars next to my cab did collide
The cabbie only made a comment we thought was snide.
I'm stoked about this week's artwork I'm about to provide
As only Dali would do a self protrait as bacon that was fried.


Posted by Ryan at 12:58
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Embarking On A New Regime

Like a hot summer day's ice cream
So melts away yet another dream
I could fight until I was out of steam
But would only lose any esteem
Is this part of a master scheme
Brought about by the Supreme?
That idea might be way too extreme
And it is just lessons I didn't deem.
To keep up with the self portrait theme
This is from the guy who did The Scream.


Posted by Ryan at 13:09
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Money's Too Tight

A video editing program I wanted to fight
When I was still working late last night
Heck, I think I saw dawn's first light.
As I tried to get the film just right,
Computer glitches continued to be my plight.
In the end I found a disturbance that is slight,
But it is magnified when it passes my sight.
Ending poems with self portraits might get trite,
But for now I present one by Joseph Wright.
And don't forget to check out my other site.

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Posted by Ryan at 07:23
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Where Angels Fear to Tread

At four in the morning I should be in bed.
But something interesting in a book I read,
Plus some words that were recently said
Are still running through my tired head.
This lack of sleep I would like to shed
And to be horizontal on my pillow instead.
Here is a self portrait by guy named Fred.
Why do British call the last letter a zed?


Posted by Ryan at 07:28
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His Destination India

In a few days, count them four
I'll be on a plane to Singapore
En route to an orphanage in Bangalore.
Among the team leaders there is good rapport
And a great group of students whom we adore.
One of the leaders and I went to a store
Arts and craft supplies we were looking for.
We bought a bunch, but still need some more.
There will be singing, games, and fun galore
As into the kids the love of Christ we will pour
For that is the India trip's one central core.
Your prayers for the whole time we do implore
Like against stomach problems which we abhor.

I'll end this poem before I begin to bore
With Dohle's self portrait when he returned from war.

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Posted by Ryan at 09:42
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At Ninety-Eight We All Rotate

My simple movie about a primate,
Which under a full moon as they mate
Takes only a few seconds to procreate,
Has been viewed at an amazing rate.
Although few people wrote some hate
Claiming the footage was too sedate.
In Spanish class I hated to conjugate.
Absinthe will make you hallucinate
And put you in an awkward state.
This weekend I got a little irate
When kids were causing trouble late
Causing some discipline to activate.
Been a while since I've had a date
Which is a fact I can not negate.
Some think singleness is my fate,
Although that is up for serious debate.
For the right one I continue to wait.
A self portrait from the Krasner estate
Will end another poem I did fabricate.

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Posted by Ryan at 08:35
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My Conversation Doesn't Always Rhyme

I've penned another poem for Rhyming Tuesday, without fail...

I think in some areas I move as quick as a snail,
As today I put some Christmas gifts in the mail.
The other day I thought I might end up in jail
For playing near the place where they laid rail.
That reminds me of a funny mission trip tale
In the Czech Republic I paid a student's bail.
A friend's parents made the CD, "Sing and Wail,"
And my cool friends Bob and Heidi love to sail.
I just remembered I need to send them an email
To see if in France soon we could grab an ale
Or watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
If I knew how, I could write this poem in braille,
But compared to my other poems this does pale.
Remembe,r Picasso's self portrait is not to scale.

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Posted by Ryan at 23:05
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Rescue Me From The Mire

Some might know that for the last few months I've been posting a new rhyming poem on Tuesdays on my xanga site. I've decided to share them with the rest of the world on this site as well. I might even go back and post the old ones in the past on this site. That is if I get ambitious. Until, enjoy this gem for the week...

Some good friends who I do admire
The other night gathered around a fire
Almost like the hobbits from the shire.
To start it we could have used a quire
As that could have made it higher.
Some quality meat we did acquire
Yet much remained when we did retire.
The smoke permeated that evenings' attire
So I must now go use the washer and dryer.

There was a project called Enquire
That predated the Web ten years prior.
On the Web I learned that only a entire
Can a champion race horse sire.
And just like humans often perspire
Plants release water when they transpire.

When my mortal life does expire
I have but one silly little desire
That you send me off on a pyre.

As I finish this poem I do inquire
Does this self portrait inspire?

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Posted by Ryan at 05:58
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Barely Out Of Tuesday

For some stupid reason, I added a Rhyming Tuesday to my Haiku Friday over on my Xanga postings... Thought I'd share this weeks with you all. And please don't suggest any other poetic days of the week. These two drive me batty as it is.

For four summers I worked a camp near Kalamazoo
Where I taught kids fishing and the art of canoe.
Once in a town in France I had some cheese fondue
In a place the week before James Bond had been to
When we left we told the owner merci beaucoup.

There are many things I wish I knew,
Like what is the proper way to woo?
Why do the British call a line a queue
And refer to a bathroom as a loo?
Will we all really die from avian flu?
Why do people think violets are blue,
Because we all know it is not exactly true.
I do know most Ikea furniture uses a allen screw,
Sammy Hagar, not David Lee Roth sang on OU812.
To end this stupid poem I will give you
M.C. Escher's self portrait for all to view.


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