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Now You Know How To Be Dumb

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Sure it is a great way to keep in touch with friends, especially when you have friends scattered all over the globe. At the same time, it is a little annoying being kept up to date with friends, especially when you have friends scattered all over the world. Some say there is a fine line between posting useless and useful information. I would say that line is that that narrow. Posting about big news like job promotions, major relationship status changes, interesting tales from an interesting life is cool. Posting the daily color of your child's poop, your weekly gripe with your ex, or your latest Farmville/Mafia War/Bejewled Blitz score is not cool.

I basically have a couple rules about my facebook viewing. I have hidden all major games and quizes. Also, I give most acquaintances two opportunities before they are hidden or droped altogether. If they start cluttering up my feed with stupidity, BOOM - the hide button. It is there, might as well use it for the good of humanity. Oh, and closer friends get a couple extra chances.

So to my friends on the Facebook, let this be your lesson. Before you copy and paste some status, think twice. The reason you might not be getting many comments could be that you have been blocked or hidden from most people's view.

Oh, and here is my favorite stupid comment of the week. It is almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or at least an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt with the arrow pointing straight up.

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Posted by Ryan at 14:19
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I'm Already Torn

Unemployment has a few perks. Tax forms are easier to fill out, your lunch break is not limited to a half hour, and it give a person time to work on his break dancing moves. Some of my time has been spent filling out applications online, although I can easily be distracted. Hey look shiny things!

Two sites I have stumbled across lately have instantly found a spot in my bookmark folder. The first site is Sexy People. It is a collection of classic Olan Mills style photographs. Here is one of my favorites from their collection.

The other site is called Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves. Forget all the cute pet photos. At PWWTKT you will find some of the more depressing, yet hilarious, pet photos. Call it animal cruelty, call it pure comedy, either way it is worth a visit. While this is one of my favorites, you will need to find the one involving a World's Best Dad shirt for an extra laugh.

I am not sure which one site I like more, perhaps you can decide for me.

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Posted by Ryan at 21:34
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Enjoy The Silence

Once in a while someone comes up with an idea so stupid it might just work. Today, I came across this report about a silent radio station. Every couple minutes it sends your computer or phone gets a message with the title of some potential earworm. I'm guessing it ranges from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and It's A Small World to Ice, Ice Baby and Hey Ya. (Thank me later for getting that combo of songs stuck in your head.)

So now that that idea is taken, I guess the only thing to do is Christianize* it. Just think of it now, all the great Christian songs broadcast in silence to your computer or phone. I imagine it now. "You just heard Sandi Patty sing Love In Any Language, here is Michael W. Smith with Friends, followed by The Champion by Carman. And don't forget Psalty Saturdays, with twice the Psalty every hour."

Hmmm, maybe it could work.

* Christianize in this case has nothing to do with Christ, but with the Christian Subculture, which according to some really should have more to do with Christ.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:45
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Crash Boom Bang

It is every nerds nightmare. No, not the one about Lucas releasing another set of Star Wars movies with Jar Jar as the main character. The one I am talking about is the moment that your computer crashes while you helplessly watch. This unfortunate moment happened to me around 1:40 Saturday morning. I was sending out some emails, chatting with a friend, and watching a little online television, when the dang thing froze up. It then had the courage to tell me that it was going to begin dumping the physical memory. What?? I quickly unplugged my external drive which houses my music collection, and prepared for a quick reboot. Boy was I wrong. Upon trying to restart it, I heard horrible sounds. Then I began seeing messages like, "disk error," "disk failure eminent," and "say goodbye to all your data sucker." I was expecting the voice of HAL to resonate from the speakers just to mock me.

I now can only wait to see if the fine repair people can salvage anything. If not, I will lose a lot of photos, the latest version of my website, a good amount of writings, and who knows what else. I really need to learn to back stuff up.

And the kicker is now I am using my eight year old laptop to get stuff done. The one I kept mostly because I couldn't get much for it on eBay. Now it sits, probably mocking the newer model. It knows that even though it only has a tenth of the storage, it is working as more than a paperweight right now.

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Posted by Ryan at 12:13
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Friends Are Friends Forever

Post number two in the "Stuck in Seoul" Series was suggested by Chris, a coworker and dive buddy of mine. He gave me a couple ideas, which might appear later in this short lived series, but for now the topic is MySpace. For those not in the know, MySpace is an online social networking thingy. According to the website, it is a place where you can "meet your friends' friends" To tell you the truth, if someone is my friend, I seriously question their taste in friends.

The funny thing about Myspace is that each person's site lists their "friends," but are they really friends? If this were so, Neil Diamond, Danny Elfman, and Chair would be my friends, as they are listed in my friends list. But last time I checked, I never had a conversation with any of them.

In fact, a couple days ago, I created a Myspace for an inatimate object. Initally, I asked eight or so other inatimate objects to be my friends. Now I have over 58 friends, and over half of them are real people. Come on people, you are asking an inatimate object to be your friend! What has our society become?

I need to get back to thinking of a new topic for my next lame post... Until then I leave you with two videos about Myspace. The first is about "The Angles." The second is a piece from the Daily Show on the whole social networking craze.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:04
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Where are the Recipes???

So for some reason I was looking up kabobs. Oh yea, I know why, I was a little hungry and was wondering about what I was going to have for dinner. So I found a site listed near the top of the listings that had the following title:CHICKEN KABOB RECIPES :: The Best Chicken Kabob Recipes Online :: Grilled Baked Fried Sauted Braised Roasted Broiled Low Fat Free Fresh Quick Authentic Traditional Well, if you click the link you will find some ads, links to other pages with more links, and a couple photos of food, but NO RECIPES. Can we begin suing internet sites for false advertising, if all they do is provide links to other sites, that might provide links to other sites with recipes? And it is all so they can try to make a buck by selling space or claiming that they get so much traffic. Stop giving me links to other sites, just give me the goods I'm looking for. Well, that is my rant for now, and I'm still hungry, and with out a great recipe for chicken kabob. Oh well, guess I will have some more spaetzle soup, one of my new creations I might tell you when I perfect the recipe.

Currently listenging to: Paste Music Sampler #3 (Available with a subscription to Paste Magazine.) Favorite Tune on the Disc - Wedding Day by Rosie Thomas.

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Posted by Ryan at 09:34
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