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Leave It Behind...

Please I ask you to find some humor in the below letter. I am not totally against the Left Behind movie, but when it gets reviews like the following you gotta wonder.

"...the high-school-level acting doesn't help." - The New York Times
"...this picture's b-movie values probably play better on video than in theaters." (2 out of 5 stars) - TV Guide
"Nearly unendurable..." - Film.com


Dear Theatre Owner,

Re: Left Behind-The Movie

Please do not bring Left Behind-The Movie to your movie theatre when it premiers February 2, 2001, nationwide. Left Behind-The Movie has received solid reviews from mostly Christian media. And it has already set records, among Christians. In the first week of its video-first release strategy, it hit #1 on the video charts (according to Pat Robertson), beating out top Hollywood pictures like Toy Story II and The Green Mile. And it will happen again at the box office, but that is what they said about "The Last Temptation of Christ."

I represent one soul in an enormous and ready audience of family oriented, churchgoing Americans who are concerned about the type and content of entertainment Christians put out today. Together, we want to let the entertainment industry know that we need less films like Left Behind-The Movie , films that support values and morals, but lack budgets, talent, and possibly plots. We want films to believe in. As a member of our community, I know you share those concerns.

Left Behind-The Movie already has the endorsement of thousands of churches, businesses and organizations across the nation, groups that represent millions upon millions of people. I want to publicly state to you, my support for Finding Forrester.

I pledge to come and thank you, if you don't show Left Behind-The Movie at a theatre near me. I will be encouraging others to do the same. Even if you don't cooperate, and make a screen available, odds are Left Behind-The Movie will be the #80 movie in the nation, right behind films like A Time For Drunken Horses and Mark Twain's America.

Thank you for your interest in bettering our community and our world.



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