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Stalker Information

Are you a current or potential stalker?

Hi. As you know already I am Ryan Cordell. I just wanted to say a few things to you, the potential stalker. First off, I really hope there are not many of you out there. I am kind of flattered that you have this interest. But it is a little odd as well. See, this page was set up primarily for friends, family, and supporters to periodically check in to find out what is going on in my life. I wanted a place to display some photos and text to let people know what I am doing, where I have been, what I am looking forward to, as well as monitor my receding hair line. That, and I am curious about what we could do with this medium in regards to missions. I never had any idea that this could cause a potential stalker, but hey, you have come to find my note haven't you now?

So to you, my potential stalker, let me give you a few suggestions. One is that you might have the wrong guy. If you think that just because I live in a foreign country and have my own web page that I would be good stalking material, you are wrong. Sure I've had my share of crazy adventures, but believe me, I often bore myself to tears. I would hate to do that to someone else as well. To tell you the truth, some have noticed that if I am not doing something work related, I'm sitting in my apartment reading or watching old reruns of early 90's television shows people have sent. Sure it would make for easy stalking, but boring just the same.

Also if you probably haven't taken in the consideration that stalking is illegal. Actually, I have not figured out the regulations here in Germany or with international stalking, but I'm betting it is strongly frowned upon. Just a minor point, but could cost you five to ten years of your life.

But if you insist on checking back every day or so to see if my life has changed, or at least my web page, all I can say is go right ahead. In fact tell a friend about the page. Most of all if you really are going to stalk me, I feel I have the disadvantage, since I don't even know your name or where you are from. So please e-mail me and let me know a little about you. If you are serious about your desire to stalk me, feel free to contact me.

Please let me know what you would like to see or hear, and any suggestions on the website.

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