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Going somewhere?

I can not give you all the humor, information, and goodies on my site. Thus I keep a few lists of links around to get you somewhere else. It is not that I want you to leave, but when you feel the need, I'll let you know a few places I recommend.

Warning #1 - Side effects from viewing these links include, but not limited to: Loss of bladder control, nausea, uncontrolable laughter, spiting your drink across your desk, shakes, cold sweats, headaches, blurred vision, fits of thoughts, irratablity, apathy, runny nose, loss of work time, higher phone bills (dial-up only), a desire to make a difference, death, and a case of the achy breaky heart.

Warning #2 - As sites change and some pages look good, but the rest of the site might not, I hearby warn you that I have not previewed all the site on this World Wide Web, so leave this site on your own risk.

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