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Music Links


My Online Station - Listen to some of the music I like, while you surf or work. I almost guarantee you'll like it.

Martyn Joseph - A great musician from England. If you only buy one album this year, make it one of his. You will thank yourself for it.

Vigilantes of Love - The only band who has invited me to ride in their tour bus.

Nickel Creek - Amazing musical abilities, matched only by their lyrics.

Dolly Varden - A great band from the Chicago area.

Trout Fishing In America - Great music for the whole family.

Anderkamp Music - What can I say but, "Ubetcha!" Check it out.

The Normals - Another great band with lyrics that matter.

- The first radio station I worked at, plus they got a cool director. Plus they just won two dove awards.

KBGI - Another great radio station.

Radio Regenbogen - My favorite radio station here in Germany. Listen online to hear great songs from yesterday and today.

Cover Tunes - The ever growing list of who has covered who in the music industry.

Stryper - Sure they've only played twice in the last ten years. But I got to see one of the shows. Other than a weak drummer, they still rocked like the old days.

Cornerstone Festival - The best music festival in a cornfield.

John Fischer - A great singer, an incredible author, and a decent website.

U2 - Quite possibly one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

Trade Your Favorite Bands - It is the stock exchange for guys like me, but with fake money. I doubled mine in the first eight weeks. Tell them "60873" sent you when you sign up for free.

- A great source for great music (including Vigilantes of Love)

ChristianDiscs - For your Christian music needs.

Grassroots Music - Yet another great source of music online.

Rocklopedia Fakebandica - Some of the best bands that never existed.

Album Covers - A fun look at some not so famous album covers.


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