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Search Phrases

What people have typed to get here, and my response to that phrase.


Photos of babies on guitar

I say train them early, but sorry no photos of how to get them to use the fret.

Celebrity models

Ok, we got those here.
Umpa Lumpas None have been spotted here, but they make a great gobstopper.
Violent Bible verses Try the Old Testiment.
What is wrong with stalkers? If you don't know, try one for a week.
What is wrong with the Vigilantes of Love? Nothing. It is more what is wrong with the people who don't have their music.
Singing fish fun Dancing fish funnier.
Cow Tipping Christian I've heard of Evangelical Christian, Backslidden Christian, but this is a new one for me.
Turn your speakers up Were they trying to get their mp3s to play louder, and didn't know how to increase the volume on their computer? So they type it in?
Charity case I might be the biggest charity case around.
Keebler Elves Does this look like that cartoon tree?
Nascar Bible Verses Is that one from the Nascar Bible, or a verse about speeding. You tell me.
My own stalker Sorry, I don't have information about your stalker. That is what makes him a stalker.
My apartment photos Get a camera and take them yourself. Don't look to me to have those photos. And if I did, wouldn't that kind of creep you out.
Friends don't let friends surf drunk. Wise advice I live buy. Don't be afraid to take the mouse away from a friend.
Fashion games Are you making fun of the way I dress?
Bible granola This has to be one of the oddest combination in a search I've seen.
Star Wars Quizes That would be my little brother's department.
Christian Anti-Dating We've given up on the Anti-Christ, are working on the Anti-Date now.
Kids Illegal Underwear This is the oddest so far. But to answer, I would suggest any underwear made of asbestos, animal intestine, or plexiglass should be illegal for kids.
How to tell a potential stalker What are you going to tell him. Or did you want to know how to tell if that guy that has been hiding in your bushes, going through your garbage, and has changed your answering machine message is indeed a stalker.
cheese phrases What is that. Sentances with words like gouda in it. Make them up yourself.
Left Behind Plots This must have been one of people who saw the film like I did. I gave up looking for the plot, began looking for what happened to Kirk Cameron's acting talent.
Body cavity search stories Try www.bodycavitysearch.com
Scary web sites I was runner up for the prize last year I think.
80's music expert My CD collection suggest that I might be
90's television shows My opinion is that they will never be like the shows from the 1970-80s.
Catchy jokes A rabbi, an Irish man, and a goldfish walk into a bar....
Ryan Quick Put two scoops in a glass and just add milk....
Spot the American This is one of my favorite games here in Europe.
Commodore 64 page not found error Odds are if you are seaching the web with a C-64 you won't find many pages.
Quit job travel Europe Looks like Tarzan is planning on spening some time in Germany soon.
Ryan in boxers You only wish, actually no you don't...
Reasons to give to charity Cause it will make you feel good
Italy red head stereotype Huh?
Reviews of Left Behind the Movie Five words, "Rent an Ernest film instead."
Lawry's Pasties Good choice for a great meal.
Superhero Just don't ask for my secret identity.
Recipes using cat Don't know any, but if you do let me know.
Photos of hippies Can't find them here.
Photos de hippies No photos aqui.
Irratability Spend enough time here, and you will find some.

Want to see more phrases that sent people to this site? Sure I knew you did.

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