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Who Named You The Spokesperson?

Who named you the spokesperson?

People will never forget September 11, 2001. It was a day when tragedy struck America in a way that few could understand. People were at a loss for words, and were searching for answers.

Within days, unfortuantly, a few people found some words to share with America. At a time when people were entering churches looking for comfort, answers, and a peace that could only come through Christ.

Two days after the attacks, another attack was made. This time from the airways of the 700 Club. A "Christian" television show broadcast around the world. On this program, the host Pat Robertson was talkign with Jerry Falwell, another political Christian. During their conversation, Jerry suggested that God was angry at various groups in America, and allowed these attacks to happen because of them. He blamed pagans, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, and others "who have tried to secularize America."

A couple of thoughts from a random guy with a website....

1. I'm wondering why he also didn't include others God has trouble with including those who lie, murder, disrespect their parents, cheat, steal, worship idols, worship money..... heck the list goes on, and as far as I know we all can fall under at least one catagory. I guess that is why it is said, "all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God."

2. Within a day, the two were saying their words were misquoted, skewed, and taken out of context. These are two men who between the two of them have the following credentials..... running a major broadcasting network, running for major political offices, chancelor of a university where communications is a major, and plenty of time behind the cameras and microphones of America. So, don't you think they would have enough common sense to know that words need to be spoken carefully, especially at a time when the world is on edge.

3. Could this not be a wake up call to those outside the church, but to the church itself?

4. In a time like this, when hate has been shown in extreme measures, couldn't the church not show any?

5. As many are saying don't judge Islam by the terrorists, also don't judge Christianity by a few of the outspoken ones either.

6. Someone said it, can't remember who, but it made me laugh and think, "I love you Jesus, but sometimes I can't stand your wife.

Just a few thoughts. Don't know what it means, or what the answer is. Could you actually boycott the 700 Club? Would it be worth it. Probably not. I think we all need to live out our lives in reverent fear of our God. And to try to follow Jesus' command to "love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself." If we can pull that off, the church and world might be a better place.


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