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Story Time

One thing I enjoy is telling stories. And from the requests and responses I get, I guess I have a few good ones to tell. So some time in the near future I might begin adding a few tales from my life. I've got some good ones from living with forty guys for two years, several from my travels in Europe, a few revolving around a limited knowledge of German, plus many from the growing up years in the land of the pumpkin.

I've also been writing more of my thoughts on various subjects as well. Just a way to vent, but thought I would share them with you as well. They are just my thoughts at this point in time, that is always subject to change.

And if you have a favorite story or essay of mine you think would be good for here, let me know, and I'll put in down on paper.

Be sure to also check out my blog, as that is where most of my short stories and tales end up.

Descriptions of Stories

I wrote for those who's sites are less than perfect in my opinion. I call it Website Tips for Christian Sites that Stink.

OK, the first of many stories and essays is here. So you know, I'm not sure when I wrote this, or if I really finished my thoughts, but here it is for you. It is called Words.

More a Cordell Challenge than an essay, Charity begins on this site.

What is wrong with music these days? I got a few ideas here.

Want a music collection like me? Here are my tips.

Don't Toy With My Childhood is my response to a company changing what I remember of the past.

Why does God let some people speak for him? Me included sometimes? And who made you spokesperson?

Living in Danger is an essay (with photos) about some of the risks I take every day.

Travel Tips are now available for those seeking adventure with a EuroRail ticket.

Train Stop Blitz is a little game I came up with on a really long train ride.

April Fools 2002 brought this message from www.ryancordell.com

From a Sunday school class I lead a few summers back comes the essay, Cheapen.

Being Male, Being Single, Being BFA is a little something I wrote to future Resident Assistants at BFA.

Going along with that, here is a spoof of the Left Behind letter to Cinema owners. I hope I don't offend with my take. I'm actually working on an essay based on quality control in regards to Christian media.

See my blog as well, as some stories get posted there....

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