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Train Stop Blitz

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Train Stop Blitz

Train rides can be long, boring, and monotonous excursions from one major town to another. The only thing that breaks it up are the tedious stops at remote towns that even residents of that country have never heard of. So to have some fun, break up the trip, and add a little more adventure during your time, might I suggest a little game. I like to call it Train Stop Blitz, aka Euro Rail Risk Run.

The way it works..... As a train pulls into a station, on member of you group has to jump off the train, buy something or call someone, and then get back on the train. As many times you don't know how long the stop is, you might not know how much time is allowed. There in lies the challenge. I've seen trains stop for thirty seconds and some stop long enough for the entire train to get off and purchase over-priced items at a very conveniently located store, which I think the engineer's brother ran. So before you do this, you need to arrange a meeting place at your next stop, in case someone misses the train. That way you can meet up with them later, and share some good laughs.


25 picking up a free newspaper
50 candy bar or beverage purchase from a machine
100 leaving a message on your machine
150 leaving a message on a strangers machine
200 having a short conversation with a family member on the phone
250 buying a postcard, magazine, or other souvenir from a store

0 for missing your train. You get to keep the item, but no points are given. You don't lose points either, as the humiliation is bad enough. Although 100 points will be granted if you can convince people on your next train to play along.

The winner is the one with the most points at the end of your trip. In case of a tie, it is the person who missed the train the least during their travels.


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