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Increase the position of this website.

Ok, in an attempt to get more people to look at this website, I've listed it with several search engines. Some of them offer voting and rating systems to increase my position in their listings. Others will even list me as site of the day, or in their top ten or five hundred sites of the week. As this website is a healthy option to all the other filth (like all the tributes to Britney) out there on the web, I think you should help to boost the ratings. Plus, if you vote every day, I'll be your best friend in the whole wide world. Thanks.
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Do you have a website? How 'bout putting a cool banner for my site on it?

Just right click the above banner and save it. Then place it on your site with a link to this site.
If you got questions how to do that, you really shouldn't be linking to my site.


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