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Girlfriend Application - Why?

Why an online dating application?

So recently I have had one too many jokes about either me being single, why I'm not married, or "well look at al those quality girls around you, why haven't you asked any of them out?" And although I think it would be funny, I don't think it is appropriate to say something like, "What, are you still married?," or "Don't you sit back and fondly remember those days before you were responsible to feed four mouths, besides yourself?," or even "When was the last time you didn't have to ask permission to do something?"

But alas, I do know that I'm getting older and that if I want to make the world happy I need to find a wife. But before I do that I better get me a girlfriend. And as I live in a community where dating is as easy as eating corn on the cob with braces, I figured I should open it up to the whole world. Plus, I've always joked when people told me that there was "someone special out there for me," that with my luck she is picking rice in a field in Mongolia or working at some gelato store in Italy. So, if you have come home from the field, or have made your last cone for the day, maybe this is your chance to hook up with a guy named Ryan.

In all truth and honesty, this is about 98% a joke. But as I have found often in my life, sometimes my suggestions taht are just a joke often become reality, so proceed with caution.

So if you want to have a little fun head over to the:

Application to be Ryan Cordell's Girlfriend.

And if you don't mind a little competition, tell a friend.

And for those people who are offended by this concept, saying that it is something a fine young Christian should not do, please check out this link, and then email me to tell me which Biblical way of finding a mate I should attempt.


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