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Tonight, I called back to the dorm and updated them on stuff. When I got off the phone I realized I might have just uttered my last words. And this isn't the first time I have felt this feeling. It is that feeling that you have told people enough about where you are, and when you expect to be returning or arriving, but not enough that they would worry for days. You say all is fine, yet after you get off the phone you realize that you are lost in a big city. You don't know that all is all right, for after all you control very little in the world around you. You can't even control your own tongue and thoughts all the time for goodness sake.

This occurrence also has happened when someone else leaves. You try to be a little profound, but usually end up saying something incredibly stupid. Seconds after they leave you create something witty and wise, but the last words they might remember you by is something like, "Don't forget to check you wiper fluid." And my friend, those are words I don't want to be recorded as my last bit of advice to someone.

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